Won't boot after installing software



Last night I installed several pieces of software including the RDBMS OpenBase. Several of them generated a Apple Event error during the de-compress and un-archiving process. I booted into OS 9 for my family after the installation. Today at the end of the day I went to boot into OS X and the computer would not boot. It sounded like the drive would spin up then stop and then a short while later spin up again.

After playing around I booted into OS 9 from a different hard drive. It was interesting since I had bought a new drive for the OS X installation which I had partiitioned into 7.5 GB for OS X and the rest (21 GB) in the other partition. When I finally booted into OS 9 from another drive the first partition listed out at only 5 GB and second partition at 244 MB. I don't know what happened but it is something very strange. I re-formated and partitioned the drive and have run utilities against it. The drive itself seems to check out perfectly. Any thoughts or ideas would be great. This has left me pretty skeptical of what is happening.

David Armour