Won't Login After 10.4.2 Update...


I updated my system with the 10.4.2 update using auto-update. After the installation I restarted as it directed me to. It looked like it was going to boot okay until the loading progress bar got all the way to the end and just sat there twirling. I thought maybe it was part of the update so I left it like that and went to bed. In the morning it was still like that. I booted in single-user mode, ran an fsck -fy (appeared to be okay) restarted, got the same thing. I've also booted in single-user with the sh /etc/rc command, this time just hung on a blue screen (no progress bar). Booted with verbose mode and noticed right before loading the network protocols/adapters there was a disk0s9: I/O error. I'm out of town on business and don't have my install disc with me so any recommendations to get me up and running again would be appreciated! Thanks.