Wont Play Dvds


I have a power mac g4 with a super drive that i received july of 2002 [it was brand new then] Just this past january i was having some trouble with my computer and decided to reinstall everything [at the advice of a tech guy] since then i have not been able to get my dvd drive to work. it will not recognize dvds at all. they wont even show up on the desktop. the cd player works great, it is just dvds that wont play or i cant burn them [before we reinstalled, the dvd drive wouldn't burn anything, so that is why every thing was re installed,] I'm not sure if it just wasn't ut back on or what. my warranty is up and cannot afford to take it into a mac store for someone to look at me blankly and tell me it is going to cost me an arm and a leg to do something. i was wondering if this can be easily fxed. can i reinstall the drive? how do i do that? help! any help would be sooo appreciated!
Well i can't promise that i won't end up giving a blank stare.... but at least you won't see it, so all is good.

First the easy stuff. Have you tried all different brands of dvds? DVD movies, etc.

Have you done all the firmware/system updates since your reinstall?

Can you get your hands on a bootable DVD (like say 10.4 Tiger), and try to boot up by holding down the 'C' key at restart, this should give us an indication if the problem is with the OS or hardware itself.

Another test to boot up normally and create a brand new admin account and try to use the DVD function. Although presumably your account is brand new with the reinstall.

Let us know how you make out,

i have gone through every DVD i own, which isnt too many but enoght to wast a good hour of my life. Ive done all of the system updates, ill try the neext point on the list [the bootable dvd] and well see how it works out. fingers crossed. ill try anything at this point. thanks for no blank stare! [that i know of]

ill let you know if any of it works.