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Can anyone help with this? There I was, innocently using Safari. I quit it and started up Word 2004 and loaded my a document. As soon as the document came up I got the message "The custom dictionary is not available" with it was a nice red stop sign.

So I used Spotlight in hopes of finding said dictionary and I found it. I then looked in Help for Word and discovered the default location is under MS Office 2004/Shared Applications/Proofing Tools. It had somehow migrated itself to Users/.../Library/Preferences/Microsoft. So I moved it to where Help said it should be and it works fine. My question is why? I have been using Word 2004 everyday without any problems and all of a sudden this happens?

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Hi, Paul:

Just found macosx.com and read your post of a year ago about Word's custom dictionary. I'm having repeated problems with custom dictionaries that I create but then am told they are "not available." Wondering if your Word app has settled down into normalcy or if you've continued to have trouble with custom dictionaries.

Will see if your description of checking default location for custom dictionary is helpful.

Thanks for reading, and posting--


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Sorry, I eliminated ALL of MS garbage from my Mac. I even got a refund from them. They had me on the phone for days trying to solve it. They requested and received every error log etc, and they could not figure it out. So now I use Pages 2.0.1 and I am happy as can be.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Good luck.

Hi, Paul:

Thanks for writing so promptly. That's quite the story--and I congratulate you on the satisfying conclusion of even getting your money back!

I suppose I should try the phone support route for myself.

Pages, huh? You encourage me. Of course, my clients are all in the Word world and need those files back from me, but I should at least find out what the interface between Word and Pages offers.

So, thank you, and I wish you continued good outcomes--


Tom (finned)
Well, I was glad to be of help. I hope you contact Microsoft like I did and tell them your problems and perhaps the techs will have you troubleshoot with them like I did. It was actually fun and they suggested my money back. I personally don't think MS products and Macs get along too well—for now.