Word crashing on MAC PowerBook G4


Any suggestions to fix this problem are welcome. Suggestions tried so far, but have not worked include, downloading OS X 10.3 combo upgrade, running "Repair Disk Permissions," deleting Geneva font and deleting normal.dot and rebooting. Any recommendations from those who have suffered from this problem??? Appreciate your help ASAP very much. Thank you.
Hi Annie and welcome to the forum.
It might be helpful to know, which Word version you are using.
However, I have another suggestion how you might fix your problem (no matter which version you are using): setup a new user-account and log into that one. Open Word and see if you have the same problems. How about other MS programms such as Excel? Did you ever try a reinstall?
Thanks for the reply. I tried logging in as a new user but it did not load all applications and docs so was no good for me. Treated me like a brand new user; not able to access everything from previous log in.
Right now Word is working, maybe as a result of a combination of things I did, but it's not very reliable.
Thanks again.
This is an awesome forum!