Word X Beta a waste of time


Updated to 10.1 today. Oh yeah, it is fantastic. Still could get better, but I will use it every day now on my work machine. Took about 30 minutes to update and went without a hitch. Saved all of my internet preferences and most others that I have found so far. The coolest thing was to see long file names on my desktop when it restarted.

Word X is another story or maybe I am just missing something. I think it looks pretty much exactly like the 2001 version. They try to impress us with the genie effect for the formatting palette. Is it just me or would this have been more appropriate as a pop out folder ala the mailbox on Mail. Not all dialogue boxes pop out as sheets the same either. I know, it is a beta.

I have already removed it from my combo drive ibook? Why?

You can't print from it and you can't send it to Mail or entourage to email it to someone as a link or an attachment from Word. Seems they decided to leave this function out for now.

I don't see the point of this version at all. :eek:
Yeah, I thought that the Word X Test Drive would be able to keep me out of 9 until Office v.X officially came out ... my mistake for not realizing you can't print from it. That kinda sucks, but I guess I can understand why they wouldn't want to basically hand a free version of Word out to every OS X user on the net.
What's wrong with a free version, especially since it stops working after a specified date? If it is worth a hill of beans, it would make us want to buy it.

I earlier purchased a full version of Office 2001 (work) and I am satisfied with it. I will very likely update to the new X version of Office when it comes out.

I just don't see the point of putting this version on the street when in 2 months we will have a version that we hope works. Especially when it is so easy to run the OS 9 version in X. (I am on the same partition with X and 9)

At least it could conform more to the exciting parts of X. I still don't think they get it. :p