I have a colleague who is unable to open Word on her OS 9 System. I have run Norton Utilities and although this has fixed some problems, The machine still stalls and does not open. Should I remove and reinstall the program?
Just to get the ball rolling, do you know what version of Word they're using?

I have Office 2001 running on my OS 9 system and have had all sorts of strange problems (the main menu completely disappears in Word, for example). I can't remember whether this is the case or not with Office but most Microsoft applications of this era have a 'First Run' feature that reinstalls all the shared components if they're missing, so you could try moving any obviously important-looking Microsoft Word components into a different folder (temporarily) and seeing if the applications reinstalls itself. This is certainly the case with Internet Explorer anyway.


That's the question: Which Word? MS Office 2001 is the last
that will run under OS9. And it works fine for me in Classic
under X and under OS9.
Caveat - could be known by you - could be you haven't heard.

While Norton was king of the hill pre- OSX - it has been known to hose OSX installs. Don't use it on Classic or OS X (even though there is a package available for it). OS 9 system it should be fine, as long as there is no X on the drive.
I'll just add that I also have OS 9 and OS X and Office 2001 works fine under both - the mysterious missing menu problem happened randomly after I originally installed the software and was not caused by OS X (as far as I am aware).

I have Office X now, which is fortunate given my recent problems with OS 9, as mentioned in a recent post of mine which anyone has yet to answer, I might add - it's obviously too tough for everyone :)