Workgroup Backup Solution


Hi guys,

I've been given a mac network of 18 imac clients and 1 xserve to look after at work. Joy.

The system was previously administered by another technician who has left little or no documentation on the previous configuration. Our Time Machine popups are now telling us that backups have failed due to lack of space. According to those that work in the suite, the backups have been running smoothly up until now.

From what I can gather, the server hosts a Share Point called 'Client Backups' which is a folder on an independant 1TB disk on our server named 'Data'.
In Server Admin>File Sharing, the share point has a check next to 'Use this share as a Time Machine backup location'. The Client Backups folder contains .sparse files for each of our machines, each amounting to roughly 60GB each. However, the server backs up to the same Data disk, and does so into a backupdb folder, NOT as a .sparse file. On each client, time machine backs up to the network share point 'Client Backups'

It's my understanding that Time Machine should automatically delete old data and replace it with new- so why am I getting a disk full and failure error message?

And why is the server not backing up to .sparse files like the clients?

Also, is this the best practice solution for this sort of workgroup scenario? What other methods are people using?