Workgroup Management Mac Os 10.39 Disables Users Login Spontaneously.


Hello all,

I am running MAC OS X 10.39 on my desktop, and I have an Xserve running Mac OS Server 10.39.

My issue is that sometimes coworkers are unable to log into our server. When I check the Workgroup manager, their icon on the let column has a red X marked over them. The status information on the right, however, shows a checkmark in their ability to login. To fix this issue, I have to uncheck "Log in", save the changes, then re-check "Log in". Then the X goes away and they are able to log in.

The odd thing is, this happens seemingly spontaneously. I have searched various forums for help on this, but I can't seem to find anything. Does anyone have any suggestions? I can't leave the system like this, as people may be unable to access the server at any given time.

Thank you all!



For anyone interested in a possible solution to this post from long ago, I eventually solved this exact same problem (hopefully not just temporarily) by running the repair disk permissions utility. I decided to do this after examining the Server Admin/Open Directory Logs.

I am running MAC OSX 10.4.8 on my desktop, and have a G5 running Mac OS Server 10.4.7.

Hope this saves someone the hours wasted I spent solving this issue.