Workgroup Manager - Unexpected Errors


I have recently run into a ton of Unexpected Errors while using WGM. We are managing computers by their MAC address and we are managing around 1200 computers with WGM. If I try to move a computer to another list I get a Unexpected Error. If I try to delete a computer I get a Unexpected Error. Here is the error message

Got Unexpected Error Error of type -14136 on line 432 of

I looked in the Open Directory Programming Guide and this is what it said a -14136 error was.

eDSRecordNotFound –14136 Requested record was not found.

Is their a way to repair WGM without having to rebuild the Computer Group and all it's preferences every time you get a Unexpected Error? Or is there a way to rapair WGM all together and not rebuild the system if it is trashed?

Also is there a limit to the amount of computer WGM can manage?

Thanks to anyone who can help,