Workgroup Manager

Inspire J32A2

Hey guys my company is currently running os x server 10.3.9 with an xraid attached.

My users log in locally to their machines and have user folders on the server.

Whenever i click on one of their names in workgroup manager and then click on home the application crashes, no error nothing it just closes as if it was never there.

I was on the phone with apple and they believe its a corrupt netinfo database. Can anyone else offer any other suggestions?
Why are you using local usernames and passwords on the clients? You could use Open Directory to run LDAP (usernames and passwords) and the be using the LDAP database of users for usage. Also, you'll be able to use Kerberos and automounts, to help out your users.

Without knowing all of the specifics, the folks at Apple are usually pretty good at addressing these issues properly. If your not running LDAP, you'd probably be creating all of your account info in the local NetInfo DB on your server.