Works like a charm


Well, I never thought I'd actually use the Help app, but I just went through a very long troubleshooting process with a user who was trying to install Classic under Tiger... after tons of steps, I finally had him run the Help app and let me connect to his computer. I first tested the app out myself, and I started getting worried about port forwarding (for VNC), and setting up OSXvnc and all those details, but when I launched the app, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was very easy. Just enter your username and password and start the remote sharing!

Once I connected to the user's computer, I immediatelly (well, after improving the laggy connection - he was in Wales, I'm in US) I figured out the problem... it was such a simple and stupid problem. I probably wouldn't have figured it out if it wasn't for VNC and the Help app. Thanks Scott for making that app - quite impressive!!

One suggestion though - the area for username and password shouldn't be as a tab. You should put it as a modal dialog that is separate from the main window, and requires the user to enter this info before they can have access to the rest of the app. Then save that info for next launch. Just a suggestion.. I think it'd make it much more simpler and easier to use.

Anyways, I am extremely relieved I fixed this guy's problem (link) :)

Oh and I got my t-shirt today - very cool :D


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Haven't tried it, but I think it's a fantastic idea - just been reading about it. You guys deserve big wet kisses. Actually I'd probably volunteer to help out, I'm sure my decades of computer experience and years as a UNIX sysadmin and freelance analyst should be of some help?

Anyway.. absolutely wonderful idea, if I ever need it, I'd give it a go.


Thanks for the remote feature of! My dad sits behind a DSL firewall and I can't contact his machine directly. The remote server is great!

My ownly suggestion is to make password not have any 1's (one) or l (lower-case L) or I (upper case "eye"). Sometimes my father has trouble distinguishing them....

thanks again, it has been a great help!