Would you buy a Newton if it was re-released?

Would you buy a Newton?

  • Yes, Long live the Newton.

  • Yes, if it ran a hybrid of the Newton OS and Palm OS.

  • Yes, if it ran the Palm OS.

  • No, not interested.

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Simply Daemonic
Initial specs would be an e ink screen, touch and write capable.

It wouls have a built in option for a SIM card (for GSM 900/1900 and 3G networks to make it trully global.)

A small color camera like on EFC, built in mic, speaker and hands-free earpiece.

Expansionwise we could use dataplay discs. The size of a quarter is just perfect to it's size. It can be side loading like a slot machine. 500Mb should be enough to store voice and video recordings, and it should be enought to store addresses, e-mails, SMS, video and voice messages, and given the size of the dataplya discs one can carry em arround in your pocket

Also most SMS and telephones can also be stored in the SIM's memory and addressbook styff, date stuff, and programs can also be loaded on the global's internal flash RAM.

The OS will be loaded on a flashRAM as well so that it can be easier to localize and update when updates roll out.

I would also include some sort of portable non-wire networking technology that is compatible with airport and homeRF to link with pc/mac/unix machines for data exhange.

initial specs brought to you by



Old Rhapsody User
They had been working on two versions of the newton, a hand held size, and a larger pad size (which Microsoft just re-invented). I would love to have both a Palm size newton and the large one (see attached image).


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Old Rhapsody User
Yeah, but it would be cooler if the screen was this size (which it would be, at least, with todays technology).


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Simply Daemonic
I still see a tablet .... am I missing something ? :confused:

Perceptionwise I think that the picture I just saw of the newton would be like a coffee table book in size.... It looks like a writing tablet... am I right or are my eyes playing trick on me ?


Simply Daemonic
OK... I've re-re-read the threads and it IS supposed to be a tablet sized newton ... I am not going insane :)

The newton OS was also put unto some siemens phones I believe. I cant remember much but the newton was indeed out there... there were even 3 clone manufacturers.


Here's what I have to say:
I would definitely want a Newton if they came back out. However, I would have to see the price lowered significantly making it more easy to afford. Also, the developer software should be open so anyone, including large companies can create great software. It would make our Newtons better than Palms....

Oh, well, that's my opinion...