Would you buy an apple branded PDA ?

Would you buy an apple branded PDA ?

  • YEAH! I would love one! (Viva le newton!)

  • Maybe... I kinda like my current PDA

  • No way! I love my palm/pocketPC/psion too much!

  • No...Dont really need a PDA that much

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Simply Daemonic
Lets assume that apple made a PDA tomorrow, would you like to buy it ?

The grace of newton with todays tech advancements would be the stamp of this new PDA.

It would be great if it had a color screen, and airport connectivity. Then I couls use it as a PDA/remote for my laptop. Connect my laptop to a stereo and I've got one killer jukebox!
The grace of the Newton? The Newton was graceful? I saw one in the office the other day (in a heap of old machines no one uses anymore) and it looked..... like a brick.
Well, if in my heart I would still love to own an Newton eMate/MessagePad, then most definitely would I buy an Apple-branded PDA. No question.
Maybe if the Apple PDA was a real tight version of a Sony Ericsson P800.

Or visualize a P900 in an iPod industrial design.

I really dig the P800 i have, its practically a computer, but wish for some more mac<>phone connectivity options from the phone side.

Maybe wi-fi, better contact handling, and the ability to use my powerbook keyboard to enter data in the pda directly. Oh would be nice to be able to share iPod accessories.

Yea i'd buy one then in an instant.

yea then i'd have to give someone my newton :)
My little "dream machine" would be an Apple branded combination of a Treo 650, Sony CLIE PEG UX50 and iPod mini:
  • Mobile phone
  • Camera, that could be rotated (like the one on the CLIE), so it could be used for iChat AV videoconferencing (or just taking pictures)
  • iPod dock connector, for connection to firewire or USB2.0 ports
  • Built in hard drive - minimum of 5 GB free capacity
  • 802.11g and BT
  • A decent built in thumbpad keyboard (and ideally connectable to an Apple BT mouse/keyboard)
  • Connectable to an external projector - via s-video and/or 802.11g (with a mode so that buttons on the thumbpad keyboard could be used to navigate slides)
  • Syncs with iTunes, Address book and iCal
  • Decent Applications (!):
    • Quicktime
    • Preview (for PDF and image viewing)
    • Mail (esp. one that can automatically syncs with the Mail in OS X)
    • iTunes (esp. capable of playing audiobooks from Audible.com)
    • Keynote
    • Safari
    • iCal
    • Address book (although I think the Address Book in OS X is in need of some updating)
    • TextEdit (with capability of opening Word documents)
    • Spotlight


P.S. I'd still keep my iPod for jogging.
pds funny that you say that in this thread. What makes you think it has to do with Newtons? :D