WOW Account Problems


Hey, my WOW month trial just ran out and now It's not letting me pay for my next month !

When I'm in the game I go to sign in it authenticates/ logs in etc then I get a message saying my trail ran out. Then I hit manage account an external safari window opens loading my account and then nothing loads. It's been like this since I got the game but as I've never needed to change any account settings up until now it's never been a problem. I tried to get help in the WOW forums but as I can log into my account I can't post a thread on their forums either ! :mad:

I tried searching their site for patches I might of missed but I couldn't find a download section for anything other than wallpapers and other stupid things I don't need.

Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this?

EDIT: Just to add, I've tried c&p the url in the external window into other browsers (IE and firefox) and still nothing happens.


Just go to and go to manage your account (on the right corner, somewhere). You should be able to pay for your account and such.

If you tried it today, you would have failed simply because the servers are currently down.