Wow. Brand New Apple Extended Keyboard Ii


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Didn't quite know where to post this after all this time... I'm quite sure if you read this thread you know that The Apple Extended Keyboard II is the best computer keyboard ever made and that it's a pity we're using chiclets on desktop computers today.

For the past year or so, because I didn't have an AEKII, I was using a "das keyboard" (all black, no letters on the keycaps), but that was suboptimal, as the sound the "das keyboard" makes is much too loud and high-pitched, basically the classic sound of the IBM Model M keyboard.

I'm working for a chain of Apple Premium Resellers in Switzerland, and I've found, in our outlet for used computers etc., a brand new - previously unopened Apple Extended Keyboard II! The Swiss keyboard layout, just like I wanted it. My boss gave me a Griffin iMate ADB-USB adapter he had lying around, and now my brand new iMac has a very old keyboard. While they aesthetically might not go together, they represent the best of their respective times. The 5K Retina display of today's iMac – and the mechanical but soft touch keyboard of the 90s.

I'm one happy camper.