Wow I can't believe this!


Hmmm..... let me cut this long story quite short as not to bore you. Well I really feel I need to share this with you all. I have used windows since 3.1 religously and never even thought of owning a mac. With all the excitement of OSX I thought I'd look into the possibilty and a month later here I am sitting here a proud owner of a iBook... Well my point is that I always thought that mac os 9 and X where kinda the second best OS to windows but I realize I was sooooooo wrong both are a pleasure to use and theres a list longer than my arm why I prefer mac os its just so nice the way its carefully thought out to try and suite everyones needs. (big up to APPLE) YAY! I love em' and OSX is a very strong base for a great OS I can't wait to get my hands on 10.1:)

Just thought I'd share (Windoze Sux)

my home will always be with windows, though my heart with my mac:)
Hehe...I am using computers since 14 my first 286 when I was six. When I was eighteen, I started to work in a company which uses Macs...two days sitting on a G4 350 I am, Mac addict! I nearly spend all my money for Macs...I just love it.

Seriously, I wouldn't say that 9 or X are technically better than Windows based OSs, both have advantages and disadvantages...what I like on the Mac is just the way you work. It makes fun! Working on a PC (with working I mean doing something you wouldn't do unless you are paid for it) bores me soon. But working with a Mac is just great. It makes fun!!!

anyway, welcome to the Mac community ;) user since the age of 11 lol :p
Amigas, Amstrad CPCs and ataris lol

I had an AWFUL experience with 3.1 and never looked back (was on amiga)...

Returned to the USA, used my High school's macs...was AMAZED! and never looked at a PC again for something serious :p.... (but I have to work and maintain those damn things lol)

Used Winblows for about 10 years at work til I went to school for computer graphic design. Fell in love with the ease of use almost imediatley! Then my girlfriend brought home a used mac from work. It was locked up with a password somehow. Anyways, I reformated the hard drive, took it part and added ram not knowing what the hell I was doing! I fired it up and it worked!

That sold me for good!
Ach ja, AdmiralAK, wie ich anhand deiner Signatur erkenne sprichst du anscheinend Deutsch. Darf man daraus schließen, daß du auch in Deutschland lebst bzw. überhaupt erstmal Deutscher bist???

Ich selbst komm aus Viernheim nahe Mannheim, falls dir das was sagt.
he he
Ich bin kein Deutscher:rolleyes:
Ich bin Grieche...eerrmmm...Grieche-americaner (Meine Eltern sind Grieche aber ich bin in die USA geboren .

Ich wohne in die USA jetzt ....

Also....ich studiere Deutsch und ich will mein Deutsch üben und verbessern :)


PS: Ich weiß daß, mein Deutsch nicht Sehr gut ist:rolleyes:
Hey, you know what I can't believe?

I just made a post in a forum other than Hello everybody May I cus?
this is hilarious, you actually ADMITto using Win 3.1, and even used the word Religiously?

holy crap, I mean, I use 98, 2K Adv Serv, and XP Pro every single day, but if I were still using 3.X, I'd keep my trap shut, so as not to evoke tremendous laughter.

I have 3.1 + DOS + GEM installed on a VPC disk ;)

I use it to boggle my friend's minds when they see mac hardware but win 3.1 on the screen lol :p hahahaha :p