Wow memory shows with OS X


Just a note.... I had 192mb on one system running X and swaped out a 64 with a 128 to bring me to 256, normally under OS 9 this small jump in memory would only show via more applications can be opened or able to give more to one specific app....

Well, my observation wiht X is... WOW... you can see a performance increase with anything and all things, from the time it take to open Internet Explorer to the time it takes for a page to load in IE... overall It feels like I had a Mhz jump and not a ram power-up... X seems to really use what it gets across the board.... This is a good thing ;)
He.. He....

X system requirements should read...

All G3 and G4 systems
128mb of ram [ Technicaly functionaly ]
256+mb of ram [ Technicaly fun ]

humm... if only the keyboard polling would speed up here... I'm constantly having to make sure what I type gets printed ;)
I also have 192Mb of RAM (upgrade from 64)...and my system flies:)
--> Wish I had more money to get more RAM :p <--
ok that's it, imordering a 256MB DIMM for my g4 to bring it up to 384 lovely megs of ram...

*sigh* i remember when 64K of ram was 'all anyone would ever need'...

damn, i'm old
I have OSX on my 400 Mhz B + W with 320 mb of memory and it really does rip.

Much faster than my 300mhz ibook with 160mb (that is much faster than a 100mhz processor difference should seem).
256mb ram, and more! that's incredibly ridiculous. I'm too cheap to go buy more ram, so I'm using 64mb in one computer with OS X... It is slow as... well.... my friends windows machine.... the difference between a same speed comp with 128mb ram is phenomenal. I just wish i could afford more ram...
Put some money aside and after X amount of time you will have saved up for it :D
That's what I did :D
(I had to wait for a year to buy it but I budgeted it :) )

another thing that seems to make a big difference in speed is disk fragmentation - i had originally installed OSX over the 9.0.4 installation that I've been using for the past year, but after I reformatted the drive & reinstalled, switching apps and updating windows are noticably faster
Oh, buddy do I have to agree. I have a G3 450 (B&W) with 256mb of Ram, and yes It does zip. I am currently saving money to buy a 256mb chip. I do heavy 3D graphics, so large amounts of ram and speed is needed. I am definetly liking OS X. I do agree that needs to be done about the keyboard polling. I have been having to double-check my entries as well to make sure that all my entries made it. Otherwise, two thumbs up from me.
mtc - don't be tight, RAM is cheap (a lot cheaper than a new computer) and the performance gain you get from adding RAM is easily the biggest bang-per-buck for any upgrade, no matter what your OS.
just installed a 256meg DIMM in my g4 ($199 from and WOW!!! this is amazing!

i've been using macs for almost 10 years and had 7 macs in that time, all of which have seen at least one ram upgrade in their life - i have NEVER seen such an improvement from adding ram before. hmmm... still 2 more slots left

GRRRRR!!! i just checked ramjet & the price went down $179 now

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I have a G4/450 (AGP) and 320MB ram, but I can't say that the performance is "zippy." I think the antiquated 3GB ATA hard drive I installed it on is the culprit, although I can' t really hear a lot of disk activity (swapping).

It takes about 10 seconds to launch most applications -- including the simple calculator. Launching it a second time doesn't improve the speed at all (like VM on OS 9 does).

I was planning on upgrading to a larger drive (perhaps the Maxtor 60/80GB drives), although those aren't the greatest in performance either.
I went from 128MB to 256MB and I think the thing [iMac DVSE]got slower! Latency is just horrible, maybe I've installed too many apps, or maybe my partition is too small (3GB). For whatever reason, it's just slow and unresponsive now, compared to before.
you guys do realize that the ram supplied by apple in their machines is slower than the ram you buy and instal your self.
if you look at apple system profiler under os 9 it tells you that some of the ram installed in your machine is slow. this will be the apple installed ram. if you replace the slow dim you should see a performance increase
just my 2 pence