write uploaded files with php


Hi guys!
I have a question, but I couldnt find the answer in the search. I am delevopting a php system where any user can upload files (it's easy :p ) . But I have a special control panel where some registered users can modify the uploaded files (the files are html, just) but I cant modify it by the permissions. I can change the permission with the terminal or changing the file info with (where is the apple key????) + i, setting the owner like 'www' :p. Obviuosly, the registered users cant do it, because they are in a remote computer. I was looking the chmod function, but I can give it the right mode argument or if you have a better idea, tell me please!!!

P.D. Excuse my bad english, but I can give you good spanish lesson's in trade of it :D

thank everybody!!!


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try something like:

umask( 0 );
chmod( 'file', 0777 );

i don't know who needs to edit what in your setup, but that will allow anyone to do anything, so be careful.

it sounds like there shouldnt be a problem as long as everyone is editing via your site. php saves uploaded files as 644 by default, meaning www can read and write anyway. good luck, hope this helps.