Writing PB Apps in Perl


I heard that it was possible to write apps in project builder with perl instead of using objective-c or java. Is this true? If so, how can I go about doing it? Thanks in advance for your response. -Andrew


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erm...using what API?

If it's Tk, forget it unless you just want to make crappy apps for your own enjoyment.


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I hadn't heard that, and, along with strobe, I have some questions about some technical issues, but knowing how Apple is with Abstraction (and Objective-C's loose run-time binding), I wouldn't be too surprised!

I'm still amazed about the whole Open Scripting Architecture. Most people just use the AppleScript language, but "applescriptable" applications can be controlled with JavaScript and, theoretically, any other language that someone wanted to write a module for. Amazing.



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Why not just USE ObjC?

perl is just a useful file groker.

You can mix perl and C already |-\