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Op onze aarde zijn er naar schatting 900 miljoen mensen die niet kunnen lezen en/of schrijven; dat is één mens op vijf! Wellicht denk je dat analfabetisme alleen in onderontwikkelde landen voorkomt. Maar dan vergis je je, want één Vlaming op twintig heeft last met lezen en/of schrijven. Het zijn zogenaamde functionele analfabeten. Dat zijn mensen die vroeger wel hebben leren lezen of schrijven, maar die het door o.a. gebrek aan oefening opnieuw verleerd hebben. Ze komen nagnoeg allemaal uit een 'kansarm milieu'. De achterstand wordt al van in de kleuterklas opgelopen en zet zich in de eerste jaren van het basisonderwijs door. In Nederland heeft men in 1985 nagegaan hoeveel 13-jarigen last hadden met lezen of schrijven. Uit de studie bleek dat 7% onder hen problemen had met lezen en zelfs 9% met schrijven. Deze cijfers stemmen zeker tot nadenken.
He is saying something about how a lot of people are not able to read and/or write (I need to learn some Dutch to do some interpreting here :p ... .. Just download it in brain trinity ;) )

matrix thing :p
Remember when they downloaded info into themselves about how do do stuff ?

Remember morpheus and trinity ? characters from the matrix :p
Man, I feel like an idiot for not getting that one. I blame it on not having watched the Matrix in the past month, which is my fault.
Do your homework on a subject which is posed in the matrix :p

I did my physics term paper on warp propulsion ;) ... my room was filled with prinouts of technical diagrams, physics books explaining phenomena, and star trek books explaining stuff in real life physics... I got an A ;) he he he

--> Just call me Dr Warp
Come to think of it, the current assignment is on matrices...

I wouldn't be able to base my homework on Star Trek, though. The only time I remember math proofs being mentioned in there was when they said Fermat's Last Theorem hadn't been solved by the time of the Next Generation.
Did you bring up the use of spin-2 gravitons for both creating warp fields and gravitational generators? I wrote about warp field dynamics once. The idea was to use an envelope created using spin-2 gravitons to to make a bodies apparent mass drop to zero, from momentum being the the product of mass and velocity, the momentum vector would of a body (even hardly moving) would be enough to move that body at the speed of light if it's mass appeared to drop to zero.

From the theory that tachions (spelling?) velocities are the inverse of normal matter/energy (the heavier/larger the tachion, the faster beyond the speed of light they move, and infinite mass tachion would be in all places at one time), energizing the graviton field would appear (to space time) as if the body was a tachion of mass equal to the energy put into the field.

It was fun writing the paper (it was 1991, and I still and undergrad and big into Star Trek at the time) even though I don't actually believe in half the theories I sited. But hey, it is science fiction... the suspension of disbelief.
I am pretty sure I did not talk about spin-2 gravitons ;)
I did not find them in the books I used lol (or dont remember finding/using them).

I do remember something about creating an envelope around the object to make it slip through space, I explained the flashing phenomenon and the mechanics of it. Some was theory some what mechanics.

I remember something about being at warp 10 and occuping all space in the universe at the same time, and something about warp 10 and power input/output. Also explains about the buzzards scoops and gathering fuel for the warp core

This was back in 1997 when I was a senion in high school and taking college level physics lol... It was fun doing the assignment, but I cant remember much about it. I have to consult my slides, transparencies and actual paper for further info ;)

If I were to do a paper on it now I would probably try to do it on the warp engines that the Borg use... what are they ? transphasic warp corridors ?