WTB: Powerbook wallstreet CPU upgrade and parts


I have an old powerbook g3 wallstreet with a 292mhz cpu in it currently. Looking for something faster. I'm giving it to a guy that is mentally challenged and hoping not to spend to much on it. Also wouldn't mind finding some more ram. It currently has 256 megs, but a little more would help run 10.2.x a little better. And if anyone has a battery that holds even a little charge(like 30 mins or so) that would be great!

Thanks for looking!
Hi, where in the world are you located?
(As it will help if/when someone finds parts that you need)
Yeah, I know about them. Great place to buy and very informative. But, I was hoping someone may have some used stuff laying around that they'd be willing to part with. Thanks though!