WTF is up with my mouse in 10.1?


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I have a MS Explorer mouse which they have not released drivers for yet. The right button and the wheel both work so it's not the end of the world.

I upgraded to 10.1. I was playing quake and I noticed that the mouse got really slow. So I turned it all the way up in quake. I quit the game and returned to the desktop. The mouse was still incredibly slow.

I checked the Control panel and it's sensitivity was still set to high. I messed with the sensitivity [turned it down then back up] and the mouse DID get faster, but I still have to pick up and put down the mouse 4 times to get all the way accross my desktop.

Does anybody know of a hack to turn the mouse speed way up? All the way up in the control panel [when it's working correctly] is still not fast enough for me. I hope I don't ahve to wait for M$ to release drivers...
i don't think drivers will do much .. mouse drivers are mainly used to help control additional mouse buttons.

Is it a ball mouse or a optical one? Because it sounds to me like the mouse is goofed up and you need to clean the ball and the sensor things in there ... if it's an optical I don't know what to tell ya. Sorry :confused:
The M$ Exploerer mouse is the silver mouse with red bottom and 5 buttons. It's an optical mouse. OSX Intellipoint drivers SHOULD let you speed it up. In OS9, I could further increase the speed of the mouse using the Intellipoint control panel.

I have some hope that they will release drivers soon because they released drivers for the M$ keyboard for 10.1.
I'm right there with you. The mouse jerks, twitches and moves too slowly. I'm actually going to bail on using it until they release drivers for it. So much for optical precision...
Is your mouse plugged in to the keyboard USB port or the computer?

Older models of the MS Intellimouse Explorer had a hardware flaw that did funky things to the power supply coming over the usb ports.

On my iMac DV SE, the mouse would slow to a crawl, and then become completely unresponsive. I solved this problem by plugging the mouse directly into a usb port on the back of the computer.

Of course, this removes one of the features about Apple that no other manufacturer mimics: the ability to have the mouse plugged into the keyboard. But at least M$ made the mouse cable long enough to do this.

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Yeah, mine is plugged into port 2 on the back of the G4. I tried my roomates explorer mouse [same exact one I have] and it is just as slow, so I know the mouse isn't broken [though by default, most microsoft products ARE broken]
Originally posted by Fahrvergnuugen
In OS9, I could further increase the speed of the mouse using the Intellipoint control panel.

Check out this thread over at ArsTechnica. It details how to increase the mouse scaling.

When you do this, the faster you move the mouse the farther it goes. Fast when you need it, slower when you need it. Probably beneficial for Q3A, so you can quickly change directions, but still have fine control over your crosshairs to pick off that sniper.:D

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