WWDC Anti-Climax?


ok theres a chip change which makes great wwdc content - but for consumers - (yes its good to, hopefully faster macs) - wheres the phone? the iHome? the speed bumps to current lines? the airport express 2? the multi button mouse? the 'breakout box'? the new shuffle? the '512mb as standard'? the mac mini revision? the new podcast itunes? any new great product or software?!

ho hum...

new chips next year - great for all of us i suppose in the long run - at least those of us without a chip (fnar) on our shoulders about it being intel...
Well it's a developers conference and while Apple has released hardware there before, it makes much more sense to stick to software and development which I think they took the cake with their move to Intel.

People got behind OS X, albeit a little slow. Who knows if they are willing to do it again. Despite how easy Steve makes porting out to be, its a pain in the butt developing and marketing for different platforms, especially when there's no clear future for said platform.
Its great for customers able to afford to buy new Mac.. Only problem for hard core mac users didnt accpet the idea that Apple going to using Intel..
i've been using macs for over ten years.

as long as the OS is as great and robust as its always been i really dont care what chip its running on as long as that chip is the best apple can get hold of.

so why can you not accept the idea that one innovative company is doing business with another innovative company to bring you a great product?
parb.johal@ante said:
so why can you not accept the idea that one innovative company is doing business with another innovative company to bring you a great product?

Because I still remember when we were all excited about IBM and their new G5s. What has Intel done with their P4s that makes it a better choice than PPC?
no-one here has any idea what intel has in its labs - that they've been working on and developing with apple for the last 5 years... for 5 years OSX has worked on their chips!

i can imagine that the intel chips going into mac will be custom chips for apple and their roadmap - this isn't something they got together over with and decided last week.

its absurd to say - 'intel have done nothing with the P4 over PPC's'... are we then saying apple bosses are luddites who can't make sound business decisions based on projections for the next few years? are we saying 'oh well - apple will start going backwards now because thats what they want??!!'


IBM dont want to develop as much as they did for apple - which was only ever a tiny revenue earner for them. if intel do want to keep pushing the boat and making developments with apple - then thats great! IBM know their money now lies with xbox. ps3 and the new nintendo machine - apple are smill pickings for them.
Anti-climax only for people who expect a developer show to be interesting for consumers. But then, hey: It's been very interesting. And if you become a developer, you can even get that developer kit for 999 USD for a year.
so much for the 'Year of HD' slogans...
didn't hear anything of the sort even once...

agreed that this is for developers... but apple should have introduced something... the 'iPhone' rokr from Moto is way overdue for example...
With the "year of HD" he didn't mean they would release a new version of Final Cut Pro every two months or something. He meant it would be the year when HD makes it to desktop computers. That's already happened at MWSF. But I'm sure we'll hear more about it in Summer/Autumn.
If it's the years theme.. you normally mention any other progress being made during all public events, and hopefully a few new products if possible. No mention of blue-ray technology, or an increased usage of HD quicktime trailers, etc.

I didn't expect him to unveil the movie download store... but thought he'd have had added an ever expanding music videos library to the iTunes music store by now... maybe yammer on about H2.64.. maybe AXP with video out.. there's plenty

I was really making an observation of how the Intel announcement really difused much of the fanfare and usual proclamations. It's obviously a developer's show, but they've also consumerized enough of them in the past to have us think this way.

"a new Final Cut Pro every 2 months"... is that really called for?
The Keynote is up. has been since about 6 hours after the end. i think it was far from an anti climax. it only centred around one thing, but it was completly historic. up there with the apple II, the macintosh, the switch to PowerPC and MacOS X.

incidently, i found the video for the keynote at the release of the macintosh. i watched it last night, and if you skip past the share prices and everything (it's a shareholders meeting) and ignore the image quality, you see just exactly how revolutionary the Macintosh was. amazing

its a big file though, (324mb) so save to disk.