Wwdc Walk


Everyone knows about the WWDC. Unfortunately I need a new pair of shoes. If You want a rumor here is one. I have met a former director of inbev and talked him that a battery is round like a bottle of coke.


Uber Nothing
Sometimes I wish that I had shoes in order to walk to WWDC and a director of Inbev to pay my way to be part of it.

Batteries I guess are both round and long, similar to a can of coke more than anything. The bottles seem to taper off at the end.

I'm also a bit concerned for your psychological well-being. We could talk about it sometime... :)

Mobius Rex

See what happens when you stop taking your antipsychotic meds? Let this be a lesson to one and all!
A double shot of Haloperidol for everyone......my treat!


Scratch & Sniff Committee
It *does* sound like old "my guitar is full of fish" Herve, doesn't it? :)


I like how this thread still remains in the Mac rumors section. :)


Uber Nothing
Well I guess it is still a rumor as to if it was Herve whom actually posted, beacuse, well, they haven't said anything yet.

(Which I find to be unbearably annoying.)