WYSIWIG Webpage Editors


Kent Lad
Does anyone know of any WYSIWYG webpage editors (along the lines of Claris HomePage) for OS X?
Freeware, shareware or commercial?
Since we're listing things that aren't WYSIWYG, I also like using OmniWeb for HTML editing if I don't feel like booting Classic. Just my 4 cents.
That is very usefull as well, I enjoy the quickness of using Omniweb for quick html editing, although if you want a good html program and text program bbedit for OSX is the best to date...if you want something free use Text edit or Omniweb
Adobe has announced GoLive, but it of course isn't shipping yet. As for non-WYSIWYG although I use BBEdit daily, I was going to buy Pepper until Barebones software quickly whipped up an X version of BBEdit. I had already bought BBEdit, so I got the free update, but for any that haven't bought either yet - Pepper is cheaper and just as good.
Yeah, I'd heard that GoLive was being made available for X. I do love that program. I way get it (depending on how much Adobe decides to charge).

Ooh, talking about Adobe products, has anyone got any idea when Photoshop is going to be carbonised? I have 6, but would definately upgrade, as don't wanna be stuck using it in Classic.