X.1 Killed Mail


I can no longer launch Mail. It bounces once, but ever goes any further. Restarting of course did not help. Any ideas?
See if it's a problem specific to your user, ie trying opening it while logged in as someone else.

If thats the case try deleting the preferences in your user's library.. this can be done without deleting the your mail.
Already tried logging in as root, no joy. Also ran fsck in Single user mode (much faster boot, btw) and while it found plenty of orphaned nodes, it did not fix the problem. Permissions all seem correct as well.
Oops. I found the problem; I had moved my Mail app to a sub folder of Applications, and X.1 just put the new one in the Applications folder, rather than seeking out the old version and replacing it. So the new one works, but the old one was what was giving me problems.

I do the same - make sub-folders in the app directory ("internet" "accessories" games" etc...)......it'd be nice of X would seek and replace the old stuff instead of just putting in the new versions.