X.1 Update received from Apple?

What is the status of your X.1 upgrade?

  • I received an update direct from Apple

  • I am waiting for my update direct from Apple

  • I picked up an update from a store

  • Every store I tried had run out of copies

  • I downloaded the update from the internet

  • I already had it from the internet

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Has anyone received the Update package directly from Apple?
I don't mean by walking into a shop and collecting it, I mean an update you ordered from Apple, had to pay for and included the Developer CDs.

I ordered mine as soon as possible in Europe and have been told I have to wait 2 weeks. Then I look on the forums and hear that people in the US received them Friday 28th.

Has anybody received the update from Apple or had any confirmation that it has been sent??

You can check on your orders here:



Mine is shown as being assembled!?
This is the kind of thing which is winding me up as a European user:

Just a note to let you know that I postal mailed my Mac OS X Up-to-Date coupon last Tuesday, September 25 (the day the upgrade availability was announced) and I received my upgrade kit in the mail today. One-week turn-around time using regular mail isn't too bad.

That came from go2mac, the original page is here:

The guy even goes on to complain about the postage on the package only being $2.64 and how Apple have made $17 out of him. I just wish I had the bloody update!!!!!!
I ordered mine on 26th (we didnÕt get the announcement on the 25th until after the European store was closed) by phone and still have no sign of it.
I tried loads of stores today in Milan and they have all run out, what the feck do you have to do to get this update????
I received my update direct from Apple Australia on Wednesday (3 Oct), after having ordered it 1 week earlier. :)

At the time I ordered it, Apple Australia didn't have any copies, but they apparently got their first shipment last Friday.