X 10.1 Usb, Dsl


Q 1: What kind of USB hardware / devices will 10.1 recognize? I have PCI USB adapter card (maker un known) works fine wih any device on my 9600 (with an XLR8 G3/500 and 10.04 for Old World machines)

Q2: There is just one DSL provider starting business in my country (Israel) he tells me that for Macs he will only use the Tunnel Builder equipment and protocol. How good are these in terms of speed stability and 10.1 compatibility


My USB things (all of which work):
VST floppy drive
UMAX 3450 Scanner (only in classic because UMAX hasn't released OSX drivers yet-grrr...)
Epson 740i
MacSense USB hub.

Thanks dude,

The printer and the hub are similar to what I have, so I am getting optimistic.
I wonder about the modem, (global village teleport USB)
I don't know about this specific DSL standard, but normally, DSL uses a protocol called PPPoE (Point to Point Protocoll over Ethernet) which is built into OS X.1. It works great and I never had problems (allthough I am no longer using the built in protocoll but an Airport connection to my Airport basestation, which connects to DSL via a hardware DSL router). Ask your provider if you can use the service via PPPoE. If you can, there shouldn't be any problems concerning stability...
DSL does not equal PPPoE

Some DSL connections use PPPoE Others do not.

I am on DSL right now. It is standerd Ethernet.