X Beta to X


Previously, I had OS X Beta on my iMac DV Special Edition/400 MHz. Since I didn't use it all that often, I recently tried to delete it, following the instructions in Mac Addict magazine. However, there were some parts of he Beta which refused to be deleted, saying stuff like 'OS X cannot be put in the Trash.' After re-formatting (and re-partitioning) my hard drive, I was able to delete more of OS X Beta. However, such things as the Core Services folder still refuse to be trashed, even though the folder is now empty as I was able to delete/trash items in that folder individually. I now understand that I missed the deadline date for 'easily un-installing OS X Beta.' If I buy OS X & install it, will a new Core Services folder over-write/delete/replace the stubborn Beta one, and will I then be able to empty the Trash and bid the old folder good riddance?

Thank you in advance for any assistance with this.