X CD Burning with LaCie U&I drive


Safety Inspector
I have a LaCie 161040 USB and Firewire CD-RW drive, with which I've successfully burned from the Finder and Toast in 9.2.1 (only USB, though. Too old for Firewire). However, I haven't yet had a successful burn in 10.1, from either the Finder or Toast.

a)The system recognizes it as a supported burner, but when it tries to burn it'll say "Writing Track" or whatever, for a minute or so, then it'll say Finishing Writing and hang there forever.

b)Every time I open System Profiler and click on the Devices tab, System Profiler quits. I don't know whether this is related to the burner or what.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this, in particular if anyone else has this burner.