X on SCSI?¿...


Apprentice Codemonkey
I have officially converted over to OS X with the advent of 10.1 (yay!).

Heres my problem though...

I have a sweet 10k RPM Quantum UltraSCSI drive hooked up to a Adaptec HBA. I want to run OS X off that cause that SCSI is a rocket compared to my roller skate stock ATA :D . I tried installed 10.0 on it but it has no SCSI support and 10.1 (i have the update CD) will only upgrade a drive with 10.x installed.

Does anyone know of a workaround for this issue? Is it possible to use diskcopy to copy the ATA drive and then 'imprint' that data on the SCSI? :confused:

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
You will need to created a custom OS 10.0 boot CD to do that install. Adaptec has drivers available for their 29160 & 39160 Ultra160 SCSI cards on their web site. They also have the proceedure on how to create the CD. You will need access to a burner and burner software like Toast. I have done this and it does work. FYI, 10.1 now includes these drivers. Hope this helps.