X reinstallation process Major Glitch!!!


Hello OS X people! Let first say that OS X looks to be an amazing operating system, but the glitches I've experienced really are not fun.

First and foremost I've had it installed on my powerbook G4 for about 5 days now. Recieved all of the updates 10.0.1 & 10.0.3 then on my 3rd day my powerbook would not even boot up. All I got was the flashing question mark on a floppy. So I called Apple and the rep had me reinstall OS X.

I ended up swapping the startup disk in OS 9.1 which looks to be what caused the problem. So like I was saying I reinstalled OS X and let me tell you it's awesome how it saves all your preferences, but all of the software updates you've download have been re written. Don't get me wrong they are still there, but when you select apple icon and go to about OS X it tells me build 4k78 which is what's on the cd.

I called Apple again because when you run sofware update it tells you that "Your software is up to date." When really it's not! The rep told me to trash my update packages in my OSX/library/receipts/ but that didn't do a darn thing and even trashing the software update preferences.

I even tryed downloading the updates via apple's website, but when I would install the package it would say "This update cannot be installed on this computer"

I'm extremely frustrated.... I just want my OS 10.0.3 It's so difficult to work with classic in 10.0.0...

Any suggestions, or comments would be appreciated...

Thanks but I'd already downloaded the 10.0.1 and the 10.0.3 update, both say "This update cannot be installed on this computer"

I have a feeling I'll be re-installing my entire system from scratch arggh, but it could probably use the clean-up :)

whew, just in case anyone has this problem in the future, I found this in the Apple support discussion forum, and it worked like a charm !!!

Files sometimes become corrupt. Delete receipts. Then (MOST IMPORTANT) Install from the OS X CD, the essentials.pkg (search around in the folders I dont remember where it is offhand , somewhere in the system folder a couple levels deep). Then do the updates again starting with 10.0.1. It will then find the other updates from the software updater 1.3.1 all the way to 10.0.3. Cheers


And the path for the essentials.pkg is:
Max OS X Install CD/System/Installation/Packages