x server 10.1 and x 10.1


One is for a standard end-user, one is for your 50+ Mac/PC/UNIX Network...

I wish I could use server... It enables you to do software updates from the server to the end-users machine. (If I'm not mistaken) and tons of other cool shtuff. Like, me being at home, logging in, and installing software on an end-users machine... Sorry to dwell on that, but it's certainly a novel idea for me...
I am testing Server version, of course it is downloaded from hotline. I found the in my G4, server is running faster than x 10.1. I am very happy. I don't want to change it back to x 10.1 but keep using server x 10.1.

But Server version install a lot of other software that I don't need.

If the x 10.1 is running faster than server version, I would like to go out to buy the x 10.1 version. I can't affort server version. Others report that 10.1 is running very fast, but my G4 isn't. I don't know why. My is International english version of PowerMac G4 400 Gigabyte model.