X server for OSX beta?? and appleshare question


Who knows where to find the X server for OSX beta. I had read somewhere on maccentral that there was a distribution of X server for OSX. I would be very interested.

Also, how do you get apple share running for OSX so a person on 9.0.4 can access it over a network?
well... it works quite well now that I've had a chance to mess around with it. Over appleshare stuff, it even allows a person to log in and see other user's names and mount their drop box on their desktop. it automatically establishes dropboxes. OSX is beautiful!
Would u tell me how you got appleshare to work. Does the other computer have to be running 9 or 9.0.4 to be able to log on X?? Also, do you know if it is possible to see Appleshare printers that are on the network (such as a stylewriter II)??
First, a question, how do you get that X implimentation to acutally work??? and how do you connect to other X boxes?

As for appleshare, yes OS 9 boxes can connect to it, it runs pretty cool. I'm here on a collage campus and can connect all over the place. To run it, activiate it over in the System Preferences pannel under sharing where you also have the option of activating Telnet communication (to control your box from any terminal) and FTP server (yes, you can automatically turn your whole box into an FTP server if you please.. for those non appletalk folks). And also, if you activate the classic environment, any filesharing options from OS9 will also become active as well... so all appletalk/appleshare options will function.
As for printers, that's still sort of an oddity as of yet. It should be possible to access an older (non-USB) printer. as for over a network, you would think so, but ya' never know... it is a beta, and a lot of features do not yet work like they will in the GoldMaster release (which will ROCK like a big boulder).