X slower on the Cube?


I notice that some say that performance of OS X is great. But on my Cube, everything takes twice as long as under OS 9. Another user with the same experience (from macgimp.com) is *also* using the Cube, I notice.

Anybody know if X could possibly be slower on a Cube than on another G4 of similar speed?


I don't think X is slower on a 450Mhz Cube when compared with a G4 450Mhz Single CPU machine. It sure feels slower then running Mac OS 9, but that's a problem everybody has with X


For some reason, the UI of OS X seems to run faster on my PB G3 300mhz 192mb ram than my cube 450mhz 310mb ram. This puzzles me considering that the PB has a clunky rage pro and the cube has a nice smooth rage 128... but either way i hope apple fixes this


I'm running 320M of RAM, and I don't think things are too slow. Of course I don't have anything to compare my speed with, but I just downloaded iTunes and the visual effects mode is AWESOME!! I don't think iTunes taxes system resources much, so that might not be a good performance test. The finder moves and searches files pretty quick. I do notice a slight lag when creating aliases, but nothing to yawn at. I did use Interface Builder and Project Builder to create a simple program, and the project build was as fast as CodeWarrior. I haven't created any large projects though.