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I have issues, OK!
I recently had a pretty spectacular blow out with my b/w G3.

I have/had my mac set up with OSX on one partition; formatted as UFS and two other regular HFS+ partitions. I used OSX purely for developing PHP4.

Anyway, at my office, I have access to a leased line (128k/sec) so a colleague and myself decided to see if we could get my OSX up and running as a server.

After less than ten minutes - most of which was spent trying to get the PC router and firewall to work properly - we had success!..

So, that evening I accessed my mac from home via ftp and afp as well as the web to see what was what .. all was fine and dandy. :D

Go to work the next day .. everything was not fine and dandy!.. :(

The machine had died a death and when I forced a restart it had managed to kill not only the internal hard disks but an external lacie 20gig firewire as well, which I've never seen before, at least not on a mac.

All I was left with was a few folders but no files at all .. oh, except the 'system' file in the 'system folder' on the boot disk.

Question 1: what the HELL happenned?!.

Question 2: how do I avoid doing the same thing again with my brand spankin' new G4 quicksilver?..