X with Orinoco WiFi Card


Recently bought an Orinoco Gold wireless network card, and was thrilled to find out that it worked just with Apple's Airport drivers under OS 9.x. So I was optimistic that OS 10.1 would also support my setup (Lombard 400). Unfortunately the card isn't recognized at all.

Is anyone aware of a work around or an announcement by either Apple or Lucent about OS X drivers for this card?



You just made my day! I am writing this on OS 10.1 over my wireless network, it is working beautifully!



Any idea when a WEP enabled version will be available?
I gotta have encryption to connect to the corporate network.

Dont make me buy a TiPBG4 ;)
Rob is working on the WEP support and plans to have it in the next release...whether that is tomorrow, next week or several months from now is unknown but Rob thinks he's close so it should be soon.

I just wanted to let you know that the newest driver works fine on
a Lombard/Orinoco Silver/Lucent RG1000 once you use the latest
Lucent AP manager (maybe you can use the Sevy Configurator) to allow
non-encrypted traffic. The card picked up the home base station.

This isn't workable for the office but I'm wireless @ home where it counts.