X11 on limited access acount


Hello all!

Not sure if this is possible at all, but is there some kind of portable X11 server that does not have to be properly installed?

Here is my situation:
My user is limited. Basicly unlimited space. Can not run applications except for ones properly installed on harddrive. :eek: Cannot install any applications. :mad: I CAN run applications off my desktop through terminal using "open" command... :D

So I'm wondering if theirs any way to get a Portable X11 Server that is executable without being installed in the correct folders (eg: /etc/X11, /usr/bin, etc...) And will run off a folder on my desktop...

Also, I am using mainly 10.3, but some 10.2 computers. No 10.4 though. :(



OK, thanx for all that help.... :p

First question: Is X11 for OS X a .app or a terminal-run binary?
(If its a .app, can you list the contents for me please)

Second question: Is there a folder called /etc/X11/ ? If there is, can you list its content?

I do not have access to a mac with X11, and I do not have priveleges on the macs i can get my hands on to install it properly, so im looking for a way to get a seperatly run X11 package.