Still can't get X11 on 10.4.2

Go to http://developer.apple.com/qa/qa2001/qa1232.html and it says

"Q: I don't see /Applications/Utilities/X11.app after installing.

A: Make sure you install the X11.pkg, not just the X11SDK.pkg. "

Lovely! Where do I get X11.pkg?? Can't find it on the apple site?!?!

:mad: The PC isn't looking so bad atm


'X11' is not installed by default.
Apparently, during the 'Tiger' 10.4. installation process you did not click on the 'Customize...' button, and then locate and place a check mark in the 'X11' check box.

Do the following:
01. Insert the 'Mac OS X Install DVD' disc.
02. Locate and double click on 'Optional Install'.
03. Click on 'Continue', 'Continue', 'Agree', the Volume's icon - where to install 'X11', and then 'Continue'.
04. When the 'Custom Install on "x" (where 'x' is the name of the volume to install 'X11' on) panel appears, click on the disclosure triangle to the left of 'Applications' (so it points down).
05. Locate the 'X11' check box and click on it - to add a check mark, and then click the 'Install' (or renamed to 'Upgrade') button.
06. An 'Authenticate' window may appear - enter the needed information and click on the 'OK' button. 'X11' will then be installed.
07. After 'X11' is installed and the system is optimized, click on the 'Close' button.
08. Eject the 'Mac OS X Install DVD' disc.

'X11' is now in the '/Applications/Utilties/' folder. 'X11' is now at version 1.1.

'X11' version 1.0 is available as an indivual download at 'http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/index5.html'. Scroll down to 'X11 for Mac OS X 1.0' (for 'Panther' - 10.3.0 through 10.3.9). Do not actually download and install this version for 'Tiger', install version 1.1 from the 'Mac OS X Install DVD' disc.