X11 support in geral


When I do a "netstat -an|grep 6000" I'm missing a running X11 service to display a "xterm -ls &" started on a Linux box on my local Apple screen. And the opposite, do a

<dreael@i386linuxbox>:/home/dreael>telnet darvin
Connected to darvin.intranet.loc
Escape character is '^]'.

Darwin/BSD (localhost) (ttyp0)

login: dreael
Welcome to Darwin!

[localhost:~] user% su -
[localhost:~] root# setenv DISPLAY=
[localhost:~] root# cd "/Applications/Utilities/Multiple Users.app/Contents/MacOS"
[localhost:Multiple Users.app/Contents/MacOS] root# "./Multiple Users"
[1] 157
[localhost:Multiple Users.app/Contents/MacOS] _

for example to administrate an iMac remotely does not work. :-( It only displays the program locally so I need the "sports shoe network" (go to the server room).

Are there any plans from Apple to decouple the display device from the application or are all applications still accessing to the graphic card directly?

Greetings Dreäl :)
NeXT had a remote display protocol based on postscript called nxhost. Ask apple to provide a PDFhost equivalent, then if you're running OS X in another room you can run such programs remotely.

If you want to edit users you may use niutil or scripts which use niutil or niload or nidump via a remote ssh session.