X2: The Threath and a Wacom

Hello there, i have a problem with the game in the title. My spec is a G4 iBook with a Wacom Graphire3 and i can´t use it as a device to control the ship. There is an option to select it in the settings of the game, but i got no response inside the game when i move the pen or the mouse. The pen is in absolute mode, the mouse in relative. What can i do to make my tablet work?
I always unplug my Wacom tablet when I'm gaming. There's too much risk that bumping the pen across the pad while playing Unreal Tournament will cause me to do a handstand and shoot myself in the back of the knee.

I'd assume, though, that you really want to use the tablet because you aren't using any other mouse or game controller.
Exactly, the wacom is my main and only external device for input, and i don´t feel like spending more bucks in a new mouse just to play the game. More, i find easier to control simulations with a pen. I had a great experience with freelancer and freespace 2 using a tablet in my old x86, but i can´t do it again in my iBook. It´s frustrating.