x86 Darwin better than Linux...


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For the Darwin-dabblers:

Is x86 Darwin better than Linux if I just want to use an x86 box as a file server for some OS X machines?

That is to say, does x86 Darwin support the nice Apple File Protocol or whatever that might be preferable over NFS or SMB?

One more: Is it fair to say that Darwin (by itself) can do the neat things that, say, Mac OS X Server can do, but without the nice GUI utils?

At this time, there is very little hardware support in Darwin. So the answer is linux. But maybe with time, people will write device drivers, but don't expect it anytime soon.

Thanks. That begs the question: how forgiving is NFS or SMB in a dynamic network where my laptop would be going on and off the network regularly?

Would the laptop be the NFS/SMB server? If so, I have no idea. If not, I see no apparent problems, that is what NFS/SMB are there for !:D

No, I'm thinking of having the x86 box be a file server with shares made available with either NFS or SMB, but I was wondering if one or the other is a more forgiving technology for constantly connecting and disconnecting from the network.

I imagine the real bottleneck is the Finder which tends to give the beach ball of death whenever it's looking for a network drive that may or may not be available.