XCode questions.


I'm a PC developer, and am trying to get used to XCode, but it is aggravating the heck out of me right now.

In DevStudio, you have the concept of a "solution" in which you can string multiple projects together, create dependency chains, etc...

The Solution File is separate from the Project files (which could be libs, exes, dlls, etc...)

In XCode I see that you can set multiple targets within a project, but it seems to get embedded inside of the project, and it's not clear how to separate these out, reuse them, etc...

XCode seems rather clunky UI wise, does anyone have a helpful tips guide for a DevStudio person?



An Xcode target creates a specific application, library, or framework. Because of this, there is not much use in separating the target from the project.

Xcode targets can have direct dependencies. Suppose you're writing a library and you want to write an application to test the library. You would have two targets: one for the library and one for the application. The application depends on the library, which makes the library a direct dependency for the application.

To add a direct dependency to a target, select the target from the Groups and Files list and click the Info button on the project window's toolbar. This opens the target's information panel. Click the General tab in the information panel. Click the + button to add a direct dependency.

Another feature Xcode has is cross-project references, which let you access another Xcode project and its targets in your current project. I have detailed information on cross-project references on my Xcode Tools Tips page. Read the Referencing Another Project in Your Xcode Project tip.


Thanks Mark,
I just ordered your book (e-book form). Hopefully that will help me through any remaining rough patches! :)

Thanks again!