XDarwin successes and failures?


I'm thinking of installing XDarwin and would like to hear any stories, pro or con, about whether the XDarwin 1.0a1 is worth installing. Also, how difficult is it to get working? How long did it take you? Is this a ten minutes project or a ten hours project?
Get the 10 or so .tgz files from xfree86.org and the XDarwin 1.0a1 from wherever it lives and install. Really very quick.

Of course, you'll have to want a different window manager.
Getting one built and all the support libs will take longer.

The whole thing works very, very well.
You'll want to look for the Darwin binaries for XFree86 unless you want to wait several hours for the source code to compile. You might need the developer CD installed for it to work, so if it screws up, try that. Once it works, it works quite well, except there seems to be no video acceleration, resulting in slow on screen redraws.