XFree86 in console modus?


I'm running Mac OS 10.1 build 5L14 with Xfree86 4.1 (none-fink binairy) and Gnome 1.4 (installed from binairy from fink). It runs fine next to Aqua allowing me to use compiled X Windows apps seamlessly next to Aqua, but when I log into console and start it from there (using the >console command in the login window), I get an IOKit error (something with the display).

I know you cant use the alias startx - --quartz -fakebuttons in your shell rc file if youre using console login, so I disabled it first, just starting off X Windows with startx -fakebuttons.

Do I need to change additional things in some config file before X Windows works in the console modus? or do I need a whole other X Windows installation?

Also, anyone know if Dillo can make use of proxy servers?

That is a known problem. IOKit (which is used only in console mode) has changed incompatibly between 10.0 and 10.1. Thus a binary built on 10.0 won't run on 10.1 and vice versa. Both the official XFree86 binaries and Fink's binary packages were built on 10.0. Torrey Lyons is working on a fix, but if you need console mode now, you'll have to compile the server on your machine.