XFree86 software on OS X


Hey there,

I've just successfully installed XFree86 on my Powerbook G4 and so I'm sitting here with a drab looking twm screen.

What window managers can be installed on XFree86 with Mac OS X? I've tried Window Maker and that ended horribly.

Any suggestons? KDE would be great.

Also, any Unix software that would work with it. The Gimp, etc

If you want to run KDE you'll have to compile it from source...:(

you can find the source at www.kde.org and follow the link to source


I'm not sure if all that gives you is just kde or gimp and everything else.
how did windowmaker end horribly? it worked fine and nice when i tried installing it , along with the gimp... if you have fre86 installe don os x then there is gui package of wm on stepwise/softrack that you just nicely install, and they all worked fine.
I installed xFree86 on my NetBSD (under VPC)...
I ran twm .... man is that thing butt ugly :p

Run (not walk) to fink's website at fink.sourceforge.net... Install fink however you want to. When you have it all ready, type this: fink install bundle-gnome

That will install Gnome and the Enlightenment window manager. It's very nice looking. Another good pack to install is gv, which stands for GhostView (fink install gv), a Xwindows pdf and postscript viewer. Make sure you install Ghostscript (another fink package, check the fink site for the package name) also (I'd do it before gv) which is what actually reads the PostScript code and lets gv display it. Good luck!
FINK is AWESOME!!! I've got xfree86-rootless running on my new iBook with Gimp and Bluefish - I edited my xinitrc file in /etc/X11/xinit and remarked out TWM, and replaced it with /sw/bin/sawfish after I had FINK install it for me. Since it's rootless and I don't need all the extra stuff gnome gives me, all I cared for is the window decorations and buttons. Only problem is that if I minimize my xterm or other program that's running under X it disappears completely - no where to be found - :eek: So I think I need some kind of dock for X - does anyone have a recommendation?

Get FINK at http://fink.sourceforge.net
I am able to the following on my iBook. By the way I have tripled my ram since this screenshot was taken, so everything jumps a bit better now.

Blackbox (window manager) with Gnome running rootless over XDarwin with the patch from sourceforge.net.

everyone is right, the screenshot above is due solely to Fink and a bunch of help from folks here and at Macnn. I am updating all my packages as we speak, my Terminal is compiling all the packages as I type. :D