xfree86 tutorial?


Does anyone know of a good tutorial that will take me through the steps of installing xfree86?

Any info would be much appreciated.

Just in case you don't get macAddict magazine...
I just got my newest issue yesterday
(August 2001, no. 60),
there's an xFree86 tutorial in the How To section...
fairly detailed too, I might add.
Even to the point of running Xwindows instead of Aqua.

good luck, it's not *the* most difficult thing, but it may shorten your teeth.

by the way... big kudos to David Reynolds for putting those pages together.
Thanks for the info. I actually got it up and running with WindowMaker.
Pretty fun. Don't really know what I'll use it for, but it was an interesting exercise. What i think is really interesting is using it with VNC server so you can control your mac remotely. I've even found a program where you can view the aqua interface over a remote connection. It's still pretty slow though.

I'll have to try it with windowmaker and see if it's any more useable.

Thanks again.