Xgrid, basic problem


hi folks, I recently setup Xgrid on Snow Leopard. Seemed to work fine, I could see my macbook and my gf's macbook in the Agents section of Xgrid Admin. My macbook was the controller (i removed it from being an agent).

Problem is when I went to create a job. I started simple, so that was good. I modified the existing demos. And they didn't work. The demos themselves run fine, but when I make minor adjustments to them they stop working.

I even tried making a ridiculously simple "job", like a single print statement. My symptom is that one of the agents just repeats (after the job fails), like forever. A million repeats, i have to stop the job.

so for a simple job, split up into 2 pl files, each with just a print statement, why would they fail (forever) ?

Or, more to the point, what are some methods to debug when a job fails? Because this is just ridiculous right now, ie i have nothing.

Thanks for any assistance, and if you've questions I'm sure I can answer them.