Matrix Agent

Masochist Mascot
By the time that XI comes out voice recognition would be most excellently accurate. With the adven of multi-processor systems, can you say eight? An entire processor could monitor the function of your house.Imagine programming your computer to talk like HAL. (Open the garage doors hal) (I'm afraid i can't do that)

Also along that visor idea, think about the sony glasstron, yes, it does cost over 2k, but by there it might be more economical, imagine how small laptops could be if they didn't require screens! Much like the mp3 players of today, they could be extremely small compared to what you had to use only 4 or 5 years earlier. Imagine the iGlasses, a computer in your pocket, a screen in your face!
Sorry bout starting a new thread, this was ment to be a reply to the thread about Mac OS XI. I suggest you read that before I am convicted of being a raving lunatic, which could not be farther from the truth:)